The Centre for Liberal Strategies was established in 1994 as an independent non-governmental organization. Throughout its long history, CLS has always conducted research focused on public policy proposals, assisted in streamlining public debate, committed to supporting civic participation, and building an active civil society. The ambitions of CLS are to offer in-depth and careful expert analysis related to current issues of political, economic and social life, as well as to offer new approaches, to look for provocative perspectives through which to achieve a better understanding of the processes in the country, in the region and in the world.

Annual report 2020
Management Board
  • Founder and Chairman of the Board, Global Highlights Program Director
  • Executive Director, Member of the Board
  • Member of the Board, Rule of Law Program Director
  • Member of the Board, Member of Parliament, 47th National Assembly
  • Founder and Member of the Board

We would not be what we are if we were not among our founders Rumen Avramov, who gave us the perspective of economic history, Yonko Grozev, with whom we developed sensitivity to the importance and fragility of human rights and Julia Gourkovska - Dju, who gave us the political as an adventure and taught us to sail the oceans out of curiosity. Over the years we have been with:

The partner network we have created extends from Bulgaria through the Balkans, Europe, Russia to the United States. It includes partners we have worked with since the 1990s and together we have formed as independent NGOs and research centers, as well as established global think tanks with which we share common causes. Our partners are included in the projects we work on together.

CLS maintains its independence by diversifying funding sources. In our long history we have managed to ensure the implementation of the projects we work on through various donors. Of course, we can't help but mention the institutional funding, because they give resilience to think tanks like ours. In each project we indicate the funding organization.

Advisory Board

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