Social Contexts
Guide 2020
Do you know people who refuse to watch TV?
Have you ever heard of happy waiters?
Do you have non-married couples with children among your friends?
Do you share the feeling that vegetarians are growing in numbers, as do women in the police and in the corporate world?
We envisaged Guide 2020 as a map of the future social landscape. Now this future is in the past...

In Memoriam
Antoinette Primatarova
We lost our Tony.
For over two decades we shared joy and concerns on Bulgaria's EU integration, relied on her diplomacy and finesse, discovered the beauty of language, the charm of modern art and the fragile aesthetics of the glass.
We miss her dearly.

Centre for Liberal Strategies

Established in 1994 as an independent non-governmental organization. The Centre conducts research focused on public policy proposals, helps streamline public debate, is committed to supporting civic participation and building an active civil society.

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