In 2002, the Center for Liberal Strategies launched the annual Dju Memorial Lectures in memory of Julia Gurkovska. Dju was a member of the board and program director at CLS, 1996-2001. She joined us after traveling the world by sea and was chief of staff to Bulgaria's first democratically elected president. Left us early, very early ... She continues to inspire us.

Our public lectures, seminars, conferences and debates, arranged by topic and chronology

    From 2004 to 2014 the seminar offers a territory where a free and meaningful debate on the problems of economic (social) history of Bulgaria, to overcome the institutional parcelling of knowledge and to seek a common language between historians and economists. History is the key to the present and the future. The lectures address various issues, but always refracted through their possible attitude to long-term processes, the present and the prospects of the Bulgarian economic (social) reality. The scientific program of the seminar is coordinated by Rumen Avramov.