How to speak about the past that separates us?

CLS and the Sofia University have the pleasure to invite you at the public lecture of Irina Yasina
How to speak about the past that separates us?
22 april 2009; 18:00; hall 1; Sofia University
Irina Yasina is an economist and analyst at the Institute of Transitional Economy, a weekly economic commentator for RIA-Novosti and a representative of the Open Russia Foundation. She is contributing to the Moscow Times. Mrs. Yasina is the head of the Expert Council of the Regional Journalists Club in Russia.
In 2007 Ms Yasina headed the Board of Trustees for The Tarusa Hospital Endowment.
In 2006 Irina Yasina joined the Institute for the Economy in Transition (headed by Yegor Gaidar). From 2001 she is a founder and a leader of educational project for regional journalists Regional Journalists Club. From 2000 Irina Yasina is a vice-president of “Liberal Mission” Foundation, a liberal think-tank (headed by Yevgeny Yasin). From 1990 till 2000, she worked as a reporter for the INTERFAX news agency. She has also worked as a financial editor for The Moscow News, as a financial columnist for The Moscow Times and Itogi weekly news magazine, and as a columnist for the Echo of Moscow radio station; headed the public affairs department for the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (1998). 2001-2006 - a Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Program Director of Open Russia foundation, founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky.