Memorial Lecture DJU 2003

For the 2003 Memorial Lecture DJU together with Film Studio “Vreme” we organized an evening of documentary - public screening of some of the best documentaries, of which Yulia Gourkovska was a sound engineer (17 June 2003, Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Center, Sofia)

The following short documentaries were shown:

“Mosaic № 6”, director: George Stoev, 1983.; “Visible Sounds”, director: Kosio Obreshkov, 1973;

“Alarm sign”, director: Stilian Parushev, 1979; “Lamp”, director: Stilian Parushev, 1979;

“Types of Hales”, director: Atanas Kiryakov, 1988; “One Day in London”, director: Andrei Kolev, 1987;

“Spas and Nelly”, director: George Stoev, 1982; “Autumn”, director: Pancho Tzankov, 1982
Memorial Lectures DJU