Memorial Lecture DJU 2005

What is happening with the Global Economy?

Ilian Mihov, Professor, INSEAD
Moderator: Ivan Krastev, CLS

Ilian Mihov is an Associate Professor of Economics, INSEAD, The Shell Fellow of Economic Transformation, Coordinator, Economics and Political Science Area.

He holds a PhD degree from Princeton University.

He teaches macroeconomics and econometrics at INSEAD.

His research is primarily in the fields of monetary and fiscal policies, economic growth and political economy. Ilian Mihov is also a research professor at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and a research fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research (London, UK).

Since 2002 he has served on the Scientific Committee of the Banque de France’s Research Foundation. Ilian is also an associate editor at the Journal of the European Economic Association and Macroeconomic Dynamics.

In 2006 he was awarded the Distinguished Young Alumnus award by the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.

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