The (Im)mobility Catch: Mobile People versus Static Institutions

On 28 May 2015 the Centre for Liberal Strategies and RiskMonitor presented the results of a research on the encounter of the children-in-mobility with immobile schools. The field study was conducted in two municipalities, affected by this phenomenon - Blagoevgrad and Shumen. Observations show that children whose parents work abroad, often repeat classes and face higher risk to drop out of school. On the other hand the institutions are not prepared to recognize and convert the knowledge acquired abroad. 
The report was presented by its authors - Prof. dsc Maya Grekova, Assoc. prof Petya Kabakchieva and Mila Mineva. The discussion involved journalists and experts from the NGO sector. Ministry of Education and Science was presented by Ms Myuyesser Solak, head of the political office, and Mr. Georgi Stankov.
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Read the full text of the report (in Bulgarian).
The conference is part of "The (Im)mobility Catch: Mobile People versus Static Institutions" supported by the Think Tank Fund