Memorial Lecture DJU 2011

On June 14th, 1981, after 777 days of sailing around the world aboard the sailboat Tivia, Dju, Doncho and the little Yana landed in Sozopol.

30 years later the book they wrote about the sailing - "With Yana Around the World" - was republished by Colibri publishing house.

Doncho Papazov about the book, the sailings, and the single-handed non-stop circumnavigation via Cape Horn (164 days in 1988).
Moderator: Deyan Kiuranov, CLS

Doncho Papazov is a sailor. He worked as a writer, editor, author and producer of documentaries, scientific films and television shows. Following the democratic changes in Bulgaria he became a member of the 36th National Assembly. He was a producer and editor-in-chief at the Bulgarian National Television, and expert at the Council of the Bulgarian Electronic Media. He was the Head of the Plankton program that lasted 12 years and included research expeditions as: across the Black Sea on a life boat (1972), across the Atlantic Ocean (1974) and the Pacific Ocean (1976) together with Yulia Gourkovska on a life boat with one sail; sailing around the world with Yulia and their daughter Yana aboard the yacht Tivia (1979-1981).

In 1988 Doncho sailed alone around the world trough “The Impossible Route” sailing south of the roaring 40s via Cape Horn for 164 days. He became the first single-handed non-stop circumnavigator who sailed through the Impossible route in the middle of the Southern winter.

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