Tectonic Shifts in the Global Economy and the Culture Factor

CLS and the Open Society Institute Sofia
have the pleasure to invite you to the public lecture of Evgenii Yasin: 
Tectonic Shifts in the Global Economy and the Culture Factor
On April 23, 2009 (Thursday) at 7 PM, in the Institute's building at Solunska 56
Evgenii Yasin was borin in 1932. In 1957 he graduated the Hydrotechnic Institute in Odessa, and in 1963 the economic department of the Moscow State University. He defended his dissertation in 1968, in 1976 became a Doctor of economic sciences, and since 1979 is a professor.
Between 1973 and 1989 he was the head of the laboratory of the Central economic-mathematical institute with the USSR Academy of Science. After 1989 he headed the State Committee on economic reforms with the Council of Ministers of the USSR.
In 1991 he became Director general of the "Economic policy" department of the Employers' Union in Russia - the heir of the Scientific-indusrial union of the USSR. In November 1991 he established and became the head of the non-government "Expert Institute". After the beginning of 1992 he combined these two positions with the duties of plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Government in the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation. After April 1994 he led the Analytical center with the President of Russia.
In November 1994 he was appointed Minister of the Economy of the Russian Federation.
Since 1998 he is the scientific director of the Economic State University and chairs the Expert Institute. Since February 2000 he is the chairperson of the "Liberal Mission" Fund. Since 2008 he is a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Evgeny G. Yasin has served as a member of Wimm-Bill-Dann’s Board of Directors since December 2001. He graduated from the Hydrotechnical Institute in 1957 with a degree in engineering and in 1963 from Moscow State University with adegree in economics. He has been a professor of the High School of Economics, part of the Moscow State University, since July 1998. From 1994 to 1998, Mr. Yasin was Russia’s Minister of the Economy.