European Citizens' Consultation 2009

European Citizens' Consultation in Bulgaria (28-29 March 2009)
The Bulgarian Perspective on the Economic and Social Future of Europe consists 10 recommendations to the politicians developed and voted by the 50 Bulgarian citizens participated in the event.
The Bulgarian Citizens' Consultation 2009

The Bulgarian Citizens' Consultation 2009 was held on 28-29 March 2009 at Sofia Hotel Princess. 50 randomly selected bulgarian citizens will discuss "What can the EU do to shape our economic and social future in a globalised world?” 
The 27 European Citizens’ Consultations was attended by a total of 1,610 randomly selected citizens reflecting their country’s demographic composition. These identical conferences, held simultaneously in nine countries at a time over three weekends in March 2009, are the heart of the ECC process. They enable citizens to discuss issues of common concern with each other, to develop recommendations, and to discuss these with key national and European policy-makers.
Between April and May 2009, the recommendations drawn up at the 27 national events will be voted on by all 1,500 participants. Members of the public will again be invited to debate the finalised list of recommendations online.
A European Citizens’ Summit
A European Citizens’ Summit, attended by 10 percent of the participants from the 27 Consultations, will be held in Brussels on 10-11 May 2009. Here, citizens will finalise a set of European recommendations and debate these with European policy-makers.
For full and updated information, please visit the bulgarian web site (in bulgarian) of the European Citizens' Consultation 2009 or (in english). 
CLS is the Bulgarian partner organization of ECC 2009, contact person: Yana Papazova,

Period: 28 March 2009 - 29 March 2009