"Corruption Games" - Four Corruption Scandals from the Media and Institutions’ Point of View

The conference "Corruption games" - four corruption scandals from the media and institutions’ point of view" presented the results from the project "Institutional Reaction to the Cases of Corruption in Bulgaria". It was running in the course of one year, carried out by Centre for Liberal Strategies and financed by Open Society Foundation - Budapest.
The main idea of the project was not to study the phenomenon of corruption abstractly but rather to explore profoundly some particular corruption scandals. For this purpose a special task-force was established. It included investigative journalists, experts, representatives of the Police, Judiciary, Investigation as well as MPs.
With regard to every single case the following main questions were asked: when exactly do different institutions react to the cases of corruption; which are the main players in corruption scandals; which are the persons directly responsible for the investigation of the cases; how is the process of decision making been carried out within the institutions; what is the role and the attitude of the Media, the NGOs and the political players towards the scandals of corruption; which are the laws, institutions or persons impeding or facilitating the investigation of corruption cases; and last but not least when, how and why does a corruption case appear, develop and ends.
The final results of the investigation were presented and discussed at the conference.
Centre for Liberal Strategies