EU and Russia – competition and cooperation: Balkans vs. Caucasus

Sunday, February 22 

10.30  Opening Statement
             Ivan Krastev, Wolfgang Petritsch

11.15  Panel 1
            EU and Russia in the Balkans
            Milica Delic, Jacques Rupnik, Ivan Vejvoda, Mark Medish, Sandra Breka
            Moderator: Wolfgang Petritsch
13.00  Lunch

15.00  Panel 2
            EU and Russia in the Caucasus
            Pawel Swieboda, Boris Dolgin, Pavol Demes, Ghia Nodia
             Moderator: Ognyan Minchev
Monday, February 23 

10.00  Panel 3
            EU and Russia: troubled relationship after the Russia-Georgia war and against the background of the global financial crisis
            Dov Lynch, Andrey Ryabov, Steven Everts, Tomas Pojar (tbc), Lars Wahlund (tbc), Levan Ramishvili
            Moderator: Ivan Krastev
11.30  Coffee Break

11.45  Panel 4
           Can the EU’s Balkan strategy serve as a model for its policy in the Caucasus?
           Alex Rondos, Stefan Lehne, Gerald Knaus, Goran Svilanovic
           Moderator: Vessela Tcherneva

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Panel 5
           ENP vs. Russia’s near abroad policy
           Nicu Popescu, Sabine Fischer, Irina Yasina, Marie Mendras
           Moderator: Soli Ozel
19.00  Public Lecture
           Steven Everts
           Respondants: Ivan Vejvoda and Irina Yasina

Period:  22 Feburary 2009 - 23 February 2009