Institutional Reaction to Cases of Corruption in Bulgaria

The principle purpose of the project was to study the reaction of different institutions and players, who have an attitude to the problem with the corruption, such as media, the political actors, the government, the judicial system, the no- government sector, and the public at large.

The project involved the creation of the task-force of experts, investigative journalists, and politicians which monitored and discused institutional reaction to a number of cases of corruption during a period of 10 months in Bulgaria. The "task-force" organizes four round tables discussion with the participation of legislators, heads of administrative agencies, NGOs and journalists. The project finished with a high-profile conference organized and hosted by the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, at which the results were discussed with politicians and policy-makers.
In addition to issuing its factual findings, the task force made recommendations concerning appropriate legislative and policy reforms, training and codes of conduct for journalists, public education campaigns, and foreign aid programs.
List of corruption cases

Period: April 2002 - Sptember 2003
Coordinators: Rashko Dorosiev
Financing Organisations: Open Society Foundations, Budapest
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