GlasoVoditel for elections for 42nd National Assembly

GlasoVoditel for elections for 42nd National Assembly
The GlasoVoditel project is carried out for the third consecutive time after the 2005 and 2009 (national and European) elections.
It is based on a methodology developed in the Netherlands where it gained great popularity before spreading widely throughout Europe. This web-based tool enables people to rationally consider the closeness of their own political preferences to the platforms of different parties for the 2013 parliament elections. More details about this Glasovoditel can be found here.

GlasoSleditel for 41st Natioanl Assembly
For its part, GlasoSleditel is an automated tool which enables citizens to establish which of the parties represented in the preceding Natioanl Assembly has been voting in a manner that is actually closest to their preferences. This is done by taking a certain number of actual votes to actual proposals during the mandate of the 41st National Assembly from 2009 to 2013. Citizens have the opportunity to express their agreement or disagreement with these as if they they had been present themselves in the parliamentary hall. This tool shows which party through its real vote is in most ways truly representative of the views and interests of the respective citizen during the previous four years in parliament. More details about GlasoSleditel for the 41st National Assembly can be found here.

Period: January 2013 - October 2013
Financing Organisations: CEE Trust
Political Studies