What Kind of Europe

The purpose of this project was to follow close the ongoing debate on the future of Europe, to provide analyses of its background and development and to present these analyses to different target groups in Bulgaria in order to assist Bulgaria’s participation in the all-European debate and to stimulate a similar debate in the country.
Due to the all-European organization of the debate in accordance with the provisions of the Laeken declaration, the project was divided into two stages: a ’Convention stage’ and a ’post-Convention stage’.
The main target group included the Bulgarian representatives in the Convention, as well as, some further Bulgarian MEP’s from the European Integration Committee.
The next target groups were the nominated Bulgarian representatives in the Convention of Young People. Last but not least, a small group of journalist was envisaged as a target group as well.

Period: January 2002 - December 2003
Coordinators: Antoinette Primatarova
Financing Organisations: Embassy of the United Kingdom, Sofia
European Union