Managing an international crisis amid global uncertainty

The project aims to open a space for dialogue and mutual understanding between the next generations of politicians and political analysists in Russia and the EU. From our point of view, the lack of knowledge about others' perspectives deprives us of the chance to understand the interests, motives and ideas that shape our behaviour and policies. This is why we believe it is important to create spaces for dialogue where the future leaders of Russia and the EU can meet and talk to each other.

Together with the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy (Moscow) and the Higher School of Economics (Moscow), we are bringing together a group of young and curious European politicians, experts and analysts who are not Russia specialists. We are trying to critically introduce them to the Russian context, to meet with active politicians, to problematize the official point of view.

In the form of an international hybrid conference, Managing an International Crisis Amid Global Uncertainty, they enter dialogue with their counterparts from the administration, academia, and NGO sector in Russia.

Period: November 2020 - June 2021
Team: Ivan Krastev, Anna Ganeva, Mila Mineva
Partners: Council on Foreign and Defence Policy (Moscow) and Higher School of Economics (Moscow)
Financing Organisation: Robert Bosch Foundation
Global Affairs