Institutional and political problems in the countries of SEE

Post-communist societies are simply obsessed with corruption. Corruption is the major policy narrative in the time of transition. It explains why industries that were once the jewels of the communist economies have bankrupted. Corruption explains why poor are poor and why rich are rich. Blaming corruption for the post-communist citizen is the way to express his оr her disappointment with the present political elites. Talking about corruption is the way post-communist public talks about politics, economy, past and future.

Ivan Krastev established a research group engaged in the study of the Institutional and political problems in the countries of SEE. CLS included also junior researchers in this task and cooperated with other participants in the research network. As final outcome of this project became a policy paper "Moral Economy of the Anticorruption perception in the Period of Transition".

Period: January 2001 - September 2001
Coordinators: Ivan Krastev
Financing Organisations: Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, WIIW
Global Affairs