Judicial reform and economic growth in Bulgaria

The project aims to analyse the relationship between the rule of law and economic growth in Bulgaria. The authors of the analytical report are CLS Programme Directors Daniel Smilov and Georgi Ganev.

The study shows that the rule of law turns out to be economically relevant in terms of a country's fiscal and monetary capacity to achieve satisfactory levels of long-term economic growth. The expert analysis provides empirical evidence of this relationship.

Comparative data over a long period (1989 to the present) with countries neighbouring Bulgaria (Romania and Serbia) show a clear link between the way the judicial system works and the country's ability both to generate domestic capital and to attract foreign investment. Specific examples are given of the negative impact of state capture on the business climate in the country.

The expert report concludes with proposals for public policies oriented towards the practical implementation of the rule of law.

Period: September 2019 - December 2020

Coordinators: Georgi Ganev and Daniel Smilov

Financing organisation: Embassy of the Netherlands
Economic Perspectives Rule of Law Political Studies