Communal Capitalism

Communal Capitalism. Reflections on Bulgarian Economic Past by Roumen Avramov.
The book is a journey through the economic culture of the first Bulgarian capitalism, which took shape between the Liberation and the beginning of the 1940s. Marked by the communism and the following opening towards the world, this culture continues to be reborn in today’s economic forms. The whimsical links between yesterday and today, revealed throughout the text, lead to long-standing, resilient roots of the communal (etatist, clan, or collectivistic) principles, which has never stopped undermining the full-blooded competition in the economy.
Looking back to the past gives and irreplaceable opportunity to delineate the causes for the stubbornly recurring inability to meet the standards of an authentic market. Communal capitalism is a reflection on this problem, an essay penetrating into the varied folds and layers of the “documentary economics”, preserved in the archival legacy and in the testimonies of the contemporaries.
Roumen Avramov (1953) is an economist and historian of economic life, author of numerous studies, including The Economic 20th Century of Bulgaria. He works at the Centre for Liberal Strategies. Previously he was with the Economic Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, deputy-chair of the Agency for Economic Programming and Development, member of the Governing Board of the Bulgarian National Bank.


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