Improving the Policy Making Capacity of the Bulgarian Judicial System

The goal of the project was to examine the practices of data-collection, reporting, and analysis of performance data in the Bulgarian judicial system. Since by that moment there was no systemic analysis of the operation of the judiciary as a whole, the idea behind the project was to introduce a list of key indicators which will track its performance, and will both make its functioning more transparent to the public, and provide a more precise policy-making instrument to the Supreme Judicial Council.
The project was carried out in a close cooperation between the Centre for Liberal Strategies and the Supreme Judicial Council. It represented one of the few attempts for systematic external monitoring of the judicial system in Bulgaria. In the monitoring methodology the project has adopted the point of view of the citizens by choosing indicators tracking the output of the judicial system.
The results of the projects were announced and discussed at a conference in Sofia, April 20, 2006, Grand Hotel Sofia.

 Final report

Period: Feburary 2005 - May 2006
Coordinators: Daniel Smilov, Yonko Grozev
Financing Organisations: Embassy of the United Kingdom, Sofia
Rule of Law