Centrist and Radical Populism in Central and Eastern Europe

Daniel Smilov and Ruzha Smilova have contributed to the book "Perspectives on Populism" edited by Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heinisch , Prof. Dr. Aneta Cekikj , Klaudia Koxha, MA.
The chapter "Centrist and Radical Populism in Central and Eastern Europe" is available here.
While the surge of populism in the West has attracted considerable public attention, countries often considered to be on Europe's 'periphery' have largely escaped both scholarly and general interest. Political developments in Armenia, Albania, Bosnia, Georgia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are poorly understood politically and often opaque to non-specialists. Yet the societies, economies, politics and the aspirations of the people in these countries remain closely intertwined with the rest of Europe and its development. From the perspectives of scholars from the region, this book offers an informed assessment of the role, causes and political consequences of populism in areas that are important but often ignored parts of the European political landscape.
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