Is Russia on the edge of change?

There is one thing we can never know for sure about Russia – is it on the edge of change?
In the search of answers to this question we organized a brainstorming session in Vienna on February 14-15, 2011 on the issue “Is Russia on the Edge of Change?”.  The colloquium was co-organized by the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, and the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue in co-operation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Defense and the Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna.
A group of experts from Russia and the EU discussed the perspectives of Russian policy, the modernization debate, the structure and prospects of the regime and the implications on Russia’s foreign policy and try to voice policy recommendations for the closest Russian future and its relations with the EU.
The group included Andrew Kramer, Daniel Treisman, Irina Prokhorova, Ivan Krastev, Justina Prus-Wojciechowska, Konstantin von Eggert, Marcin Wojciechowski, Maria Lipman, Nina Khrushcheva, Pilar Bonet, Piotr Smolar, Stephen Holmes, Tessa Szyszkowitz, and Tony Halpin.

Period: October 2010 - April 2011
Coordinators: Anna Ganeva, Ivan Krastev
Financing Organisations: Directorate for Security Policy of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence and Sport
Partners: Bruno Kriesky Forum for Inetrnatonal Dialogue
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