NGO network for analysis of societal risks

The aim of the project is for CLS to establish links with local NGOs in Bulgaria with specific regional knowledge, and based on those connections, to form a network for rapid and qualitative analysis of the complex mix of supranational, national and regional risks of various public processes, events and policies.

The support for NGOs will contribute to achieving the strategic objective of the project by providing some of the resources necessary for the original construction of the network's capacity. The aim of the project is the achievement of capacity for realistic risk formulation, based on both geopolitical considerations and specific local knowledge, and hence - the development of policies adequate for these risks.

The project does not aim for a set of specific actions on a specific issue or a social problem. Instead, it aims to create a set of skills in the NGO sector for comprehensive and publicly significant participation in the process of compliance with state decisions on national and supranational level through specific expertise and in-depth local knowledge. It also aims to create an ability for an active and confident participation in the formation of these decisions and policies. These precisely are the main objectives of the thematic area "Capacity Building of NGOs".
For more information about the project and participants in the NGO network for analysis of societal risks, for contacts, discussions and publications visit the network's website here:

Period: June 2015 - April 2016
Coordinators: Georgy Ganev, Yana Papazova, Deyan Kiuranov
Financing Organisations: NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area
Social Contexts