Guide 2020

Do you know people who refuse to watch TV?
Have you ever heard of happy waiters?
Do you have non-married couples with children among your friends?
Do you share the feeling that vegetarians are growing in numbers, as do women in the police and in the corporate world?

You have probably heard of net-addicted persons; you are convinced some vote differently every time…

Our Guide 2020 believes that we all are extraordinary people and tries to identify a number of small groups defined by our individual choices and interests. It tries to interpret the micro-logics and rational patterns that define our social behavior.

Guide 2020 is a joined project of CLS, Capital weekly and Open Society Institute. The book takes a close look at the new phenomena, tastes, aspirations and interests that are likely to change the contemporary Bulgarian society. It could be seen as a map of the future social landscape. Or as a story of small groups we may identify with.   
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