The Pandemic and the Future of Democracy in Europe

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25 January (11:00 - 12:30) Ivan Krastev: The Pandemic and the Future of Democracy in Europe. Felix will also rise the topic of Ukraine/Russia. Putin and the crisis of the EU.
The Pandemic hit Europe in a moment when not only the Brexit-process but also major tensions between EU-member States were already raising the question of the future of the European integration. The financial crisis of 2008 had produced a division between northern and southern Europe; the migration-crisis of 2015 had laid open a fundamental disagreement between western and eastern Europe. Ivan Krastev argues that the pandemic is now creating a third layer of new divisions, new tensions and new irritations in Europe. These new cleavages are harder to identify and to describe – understanding them adequately is therefore essential. His latest book “Is It Tomorrow Yet? Paradoxes of the Pandemic” (2020) will be the starting point of our discussion.
Felix Heidenreich (Stuttgart, chercheur associé au CEVIPOF) will be moderating the debate.