10 year Bulgaria in the EU

Report on the 10 years EU membership of Bulgaria.

12 May 2017

“Ukraine`s Struggle for Europe” Mapping Ukraine`s Choices before the protests and after Vilnius

A discussion with Valentyn Gladkykh, Chief Adviser of Verkhovna Rada's Secretariat of Ukraine

12 December 2013

South Africa’s Transition to Democracy: Lessons Learnt and Bulgarian Parallels

A discussion with H.E. Sheila Camerer, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Bulgaria

20 February 2013

Will the Internet Liberate the World?

Public lecture of Evgeny Morozov Red House Centre for Culture and Debates, 15 Luben Karavelov Str.

03 May 2012

Europe's Real Crisis

Public lecture of Ivan Krastev at the American University in Bulgaria, Balkanski-Panitza Institute Lecture Series, Thursday Feb 9, 2012, 7:30 p.m, Andrey Delchev Auditorium , BAC

09 February 2012

The end of Europe?

Public lecture of Dimitar Bechev at the American University in Bulgaria, Balkanski-Panitza Institute Lecture Series, January 18

18 January 2012

Ivan Krastev was a speaker at TED GLOBAL 2012

27 July 2011

Paradoxes of the New Authoritarism

Seymour Martin Lipset Lecture by Ivan Krastev at the Embassy of Canada in Washington, DC

19 October 2010

On Russian History as Political Problem

Lecture by Andrey Zubov

10 June 2009

Tectonic Shifts in the Global Economy and the Culture Factor

Lecture by Evgeni Yasin

23 April 2009

How to speak about the past that separates us?

Lecture by Irina Yasina

22 April 2009

What does Russia think?

Зublic lecture by Gleb Pavlovsky

09 December 2008

Russia Today

Public lecture by Rouslan Hestanov

14 May 2008

After Putin - Putin?

Public lecture by Irina Yassina

22 April 2008

European-American Vistas – With a Touch of Irony

Public Lecture by Prof. Wolf Lepenies

16 November 2007

What is Democracy Promotion and Does it Have a Future?

A public lecture by Thomas Carothers

12 November 2007

Celebrating Diversity

Public lecture by the Iranian intellectual Ramin Jahanbegloo

26 September 2007

Anti-Americanism: From Bad Table Manners to Terrorism

Public lecture by Brendon O'Connor

26 September 2007

Europe, Here and Now: circle of lectures

Initiated by The French Institute - Sofia

01 January 2005 - 31 December 2009

What Will Happen with National Sovereignty when Joining the European Union?

From nation-state toward post-nation state A public lecture by Antoinette Primatarova

31 March 2004